Hooking my first purse


For years I have wanted to hook a purse. In fact, I had two patterns in my stash waiting to be hooked. So over the holiday break I decided it was time.

I chose the pattern floating spheres, from Woolley Fox. This is a great pattern for using up noodles or small amounts of wool. I decided on a nice dark brown textured wool for the background. Then I went looking for blue wools, for the floating spheres. Luckily, I had quite a few small pieces of textured, dyed and as is blue wools, to choose from. The purse hooked up quickly in a 8.5 cut and I was excited to get the finishing work done.

That is when things became challenging. First, I sewed a lining using a light weight pair of wool pants that used to belong to my mother. The pants were a very good choice, but I didn’t take the time to make a pattern for the lining before I hooked the purse. So the lining turned out way too big for the purse. So I tried making the lining again. This time I got the size correct and I took the pockets from the pants and used them in the purse. Much better the second time.

I made the handle with a 36″long, by 6″ wide, piece of wool. The pattern suggested putting something inside the handle for strength. I decided to use rug binding tape inside the handle. I cut the tape extra long so I could tack it down on the insides of the purse.

Before I put in any of the embellishments, I tacked a piece of thin, firm, sewing foam at the bottom and up the sides of the purse. I found this with the interfacing at Joanne Fabrics. It gave the bottom some shape without being bulky.

Then I added a wide strip of the background wool along the top edge of the purse. This wool finished off the top of the purse nicely and gave me something thicker to put the magnet closer into and to sew the lining too. Next came the handle, lining and magnetic closer.

During the process I also tried putting in a zipper, but it was very bulky, because of the handles. So I tore that out and put in a magnet closure. The magnet was easy to put in and I like it. However, I’m always loosing things from a purse without a zipper. So I might try to put in another zipper.

Hooking my first purse was fun! I have had lots of complements on it and I’m sure I will be hooking another purse soon.

Beth Anne

2 thoughts on “Hooking my first purse

  1. simplethymeprims says:

    I love this!…I’ve a purse on my frame now….hoping to get to it real soon..I purchased a pattern from the Blue Tulip Woolery a couple of years ago…this motivates me!..

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